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Getting Here


While you can expect to be greeted by our lighthouse keepers or other volunteers, getting here is not simple. We are a two hour hour boat ride from Petersburg. We do have supply runs as well as work parties and there is the possibility of connecting with one of those. Otherwise you will need to have a boat or hire a local charter operator in Petersburg/Juneau to get here. People have also used helicopters and sea planes to get to and from the island. Each method has their own considerations, read below for specifics and the access overview map.

When arriving via water you will access the island via a rocky tidepool shoreline, or a steep staircase built into the rock connecting to a steep ramp. Weather and tides play an important role in getting on/off the island! You are responsible for knowing your skill and comfort levels with wind, strong currents, waves, and slippery, rocky shores. At this time there is no safe low tide access to the island. 

Visiting from Petersburg

Those volunteering with our work parties are given transportation to/from via a boat from Petersburg. Because this is weather dependent transportation details can be canceled/changed last minute. When you become a member you will have access to our work party information and the ability to ride along to/from the lighthouse!

If you are just wishing to visit the island/light the Petersburg Chamber of Commerce has a great list of charter boats/planes to get you to and from the light. 


Five Finger Island and the surrounding area is a great place to explore! To access the island we do not have a mooring buoy or dock available, but there are three areas around the island for anchoring depending on the size of your vessel. See the map at the bottom of the page. Also keep in mind we do not have a skiff/dingy to pick you up from your boat and bring you to the island, you will have to bring your own. There is a place to tie a skiff/dingy off along the rocks, but remember your vessel is your responsibility! 

Helicopter and Float Plane

We have a discontinued coastguard helipad available for helicopter landings and visits. Please contact us before your visit so we can work with you to assure safe landings/take offs.

For float planes we do not have a dock or tie off point, only passenger drop off on the south end of the island at specific tides, or for those who bring kayaks/inflatables on the float plane. We do not advise this option except by local pilots experienced with Five Finger Islands.

Access Points

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nautical chart (3).jpg
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