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Our Vision

The Five Finger Lighthouse is an important piece of living history, preserved by the hard work of the non-profit, volunteer driven, Five Finger Lighthouse Society. Centered around the tenets of preservation, public access, and education, we truly believe that use preserves. We hope to see the restoration and use of this lighthouse continue for years to come.

Mission Statement

To PRESERVE and maintain the historic structure and make the site ACCESSIBLE TO THE PUBLIC in order to increase awareness of the significance and EDUCATIONAL value of the Five Finger Lighthouse.

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1. Ensure the lighthouse and island are aesthetically pleasing to visit

2: Ensure all structures and systems are safe, updated and automated

3: Ensure the island can ecologically sustain a seasonal influx of visitors

4: Restore and preserve all historical items and areas of the property according to historic register preservation standards


Public Access

1: Provide access to an updated and safe lighthouse
2: Ensure all access points are safe and marked
3: Collaborate with researchers and tour operators so they are operating under agreements
4: Update and clarify liabilities and insurance



1: Have a growing, informed and actively participating membership and volunteer base
2: Encourage students to participate in annual projects at the lighthouse
3: Inform the community about the island and lighthouse history
4: Regularly host public education events

Strategic Plan

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Rasmusen grant

volunteer labor

Rebuilt the stairway and handrail to the helipad, installed a wind turbine for a reliable energy source, installed new fuel efficient stove/oven


50% Alaska Office of History and Archaeology

50% member donations

New batteries for the lighthouse electrical system, allow consistent power to the lighthouse and operations.


member donations

-Historically accurate window and door repair by local woodworker

-Replaced the historic 1902 boathouse roof, and finished painting it the historic red color. Finished painting the outside of the lighthouse tower

-Aluminum railing installed at the visitor entrance from the water's edge to assist visitors in getting onto the island from small skiffs. 


keeper donations and labor

-Lighthouse interior upgrades including floor repairs, baseboard repairs, updating outlets, and repainting peeling walls. 

-Lighthouse outside repairs including correcting leaks, painting roofs, repairing cement structure cracks


member donations

-Winch and davit system added with basket, allowing for supplies to be hauled up onto the island safely.

-Main generator repairs, exciter coil rewind and new voltage regulator

-Continue painting exterior lighthouse

-Start boathouse roof replacement preparations


member donations

-Repairs to generator engine and inverter electrical systems

-Overhaul of portable backup Aurora diesel generator

-Continue painting outside of lighthouse

-Continue removal of unused items and remaining waste


member donations

-Removal of unused items, broken items, and waste

-Painting preparation of exterior lighthouse 


National Scenic Byways Program grant

-Interpretive displays and lighthouse access ramp

Upcoming Projects

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