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Keeper's Corner

Meet Our 2024 Keepers.

We have our keepers for 2024! We welcome:

Cindi Lagadaukis: June

Steve Noble: June-July

Don and Alice Merril: July-August

Don and Bri Drury: August-September

nautical chart (3).jpg

Welcome to the Keeper's Blog!

The 'Keeper's Corner' is a way for our members and visitors to stay in tune with what is happening out at the light. Inspired by a previous keeper's popular writings to the Petersburg newspaper during the 2022 season, there will now be a blog which will serve as letters to the outside world and a modern-day lighthouse keepers log. Read what our keepers have to say about their time here, see pictures, and learn about everything from the day-to-day goings-on to the amazing experiences and moments the keepers have. Stay tuned for the arrival of the 2024 keepers in June!

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