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Upcoming Projects

Lantern Room Repairs

The lantern room (cupola) is in dire need of repairs. A survey is scheduled in spring to assess damages and needed repairs. Sponsored by a grant from the U.S. Lighthouse Association.

Heating System Installation

The lighthouse is in need of a heating system, both for the comfort of the keepers and visitors, but also for the longevity of the items inside the lighthouse. Helping prevent extreme temperature fluctuations, excessive humidity, and mold. Potential Rasmussen Grant combined with member labor donations.

Railings, Scaffolding, and Windows 2023

In part safety and structural repairs, new railings on edges of seawalls and cliffs will be installed, a proper scaffolding system will be order and brought to the lighthouse, and repairs to the lighthouse windows will be completed. Sponsored by a 50% grant from the Alaska Office of History and Archaeology, and 50% by member donations.

Wood Door Replacements

The historic doors of the boathouse, lighthouse ground level, and generator shed are all in great disrepair and in need of replacement. We are looking for grants and volunteer workers to create historically accurate wood doors. 

Boat Access Ramp

Tidal/water access is our most frequently used access, but our most lacking as well. We plan to improve this with shoreline surveys and consequential plans allowing for safe and effective high/mid tide access, with limited low tide access as well.

Water Supply Improvements

Fresh water is a limited resource on the island, we have plans to reduce water usage through low flow toilets, water makers, updating our 1930's water cache system, etc. 

Skiff Tie Up Area

There is currently a natural rock feature where boats tie off, we plan to improve the safety and effectiveness of the ladder and tie off points, allowing for better island access and use.  

See pictures of our volunteers and various projects in process!

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